DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 leaving EA Play in October

DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 leaving EA Play in October

Two of Codemasters’ older rally titles will be pulled from the subscription service on PC, PlayStation and Xbox soon, which also means some Game Pass members will also miss out.

Two of Codemasters’ rally titles will be removed from Electronic Arts’ subscription catalogue in the coming weeks. Both DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 are set to leave EA Play on 3rd October 2022. 

For those out of the loop, EA Play is a pay-per-month service on PC, Xbox and PlayStation that provides access to a library of the Redwood-based publisher’s games to download and play. 

Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, DiRT Rally

Following the purchase of British-based racing game developer Codemasters last year for $1.2billion, a selection of its past titles was added to the service in August 2021

Now it would appear that list becomes smaller again, as two of the DiRT games are pulled, according to the EA service pages

DiRT Rally started life as a skunkworks project to create a serious off-road simulator, initially released in Early Access state on PC only during 2015, before enough copies were sold to justify fully fleshing it out and launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a year later. 

Peugeot 205 DiRT 4 game EA Play

Strangely, DiRT 4 followed next in 2017 – DiRT Rally 2.0 arrived two years later – and it tried to mix in procedurally generated stages. These were initially a revelation, but their appeal soon wore off as the mechanisms employed became more obvious with each event. 

EA Play is also part of certain Game Pass tiers. Those on the basic console Microsoft subscription won’t have received these games anywhere, but those with PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate will have until early next month to try them out. 

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