Destruction AllStars leads the February PlayStation Plus line-up

Thomas Harrison-Lord
PlayStation Plus February 2021

Rejoice, lucky PS5 owners, another new exclusive game is coming your way. Better news yet, it will be free for all current PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Destruction AllStars, the Rocket League/Twisted Metal/Mirror’s Edge mashup, will be part of the PlayStation Plus library from 2nd February 2021. Originally slated as a full-price £69.99 console launch title, the game was pushed back to early this year and simultaneously announced as part of the online service’s catalogue.

Unlike most games for PlayStation Plus, Destruction AllStars will be available for more than one month, too, as it will stay there until 5th April 2021. A wise move, as this online-focused vehicular combat game will have to grow a sustained audience in order to succeed.

If you don’t currently have a PlayStation 5, you can add it to your Plus library through the web or mobile app store so it’s there for when you do get hold of one.

The move is reminiscent of previous multiplayer smashes that also launched for free to PlayStation Plus users, such as Rocket League, Fall Guys and Worms Rumble.

Outside of games with vehicles in them, PlayStation Plus users will also be able to download the over-looked PS4 game Concrete Genie (which also features a PSVR mode) and Control Ultimate Edition for both PS4 and PS5 next month.

For more on the game, read our Destruction AllStars preview based upon the recent State of Play reveal and in the weeks after launch, check back for our opinions.

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