Destruction AllStars gameplay shows promise ahead of release

Thomas Harrison-Lord

More details about Lucid Games’ vehicular combat – and wall-running, more on that later – video game, Destruction AllStars, have been revealed thanks to a recent State of Play stream.

We’ve been waiting since the initial reveal during the PlayStation 5 launch event in June 2020  to see more hands-on footage to get a better feel for the ‘global sports entertainment’ event. The end result sees an interesting mix of inspiration from other games, but resulting in something fresh. Some elements are reminiscent of Rocket League, Twisted Metal and even Burnout Paradise.

The main focus looks to be online multiplayer, but there is a single-player campaign of sorts too. You can select from 16 different characters, known as AllStars, each of which comes with their own unique vehicle and hero ability.

The vehicles are split across three main categories of abilities. Small cars will be nimble, but susceptible to taking heavy damage, while big vans and SUVs can sustain bigger hits, but will be harder to manoeuvre. The third type’s USP is all-out speed.

These can be used across four distinct online game modes – Mayhem, Coronado, Stockpile and Gridfall – in 16-player battles. The single-player component of the game will include even more modes: Crash Course, Brake Time, Skirmish and Transporter.

Looking at this gameplay footage, the damage model looks to be extensive, with wince-inducing impacts. But wrecking opponents is only one part of the match, as you can run around the levels with your character. Jumping and wall-running across the arena, in order to grab collectable items. You can also dodge opponents and then jump on the roof of their vehicles. At this point, you have the option of wresting for control or simply blowing-up their ride in what’s called a Wreckover.

How the driving and on-foot action blends together is the key here. From this footage, it looks seamless, but we’ll need to get hands-on to see if that is the case for us mere mortals and how easy it is to get in the swing of things. The sustained replayability of the game is vital, and while customisation is shown in this video, how the ranking system works and if the unlockable item path is satisfying remain to be seen.

We do know though, that “later this year” there will be daily and weekly challenges, plus there are two types of in-game currency. Destruction Points are earned in-game, AllStar Coins are purchased via the PlayStation Store.

Thankfully, Destruction AllStars will be free for all with an active PlayStation Plus membership and you can add it to your account from launch 2nd February until 5th April 2021. Even if on paper this game may not be for you, you can at least download it and try without shelling out £69.99, as originally planned.

Watch the latest gameplay reveal below, and stay tuned to Traxion as we’ll have our thoughts soon after release. We’d also like to hear from you in the comments, will you be adding this to your collection?

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