Demolition derby added to GRID Legends in Classic Car-Nage DLC

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Valentin’s Classic Car-Nage is the first paid expansion for GRID Legends and features demolition derby-style action with five new cars, four new track layouts and fresh story elements.
Demolition derby added to GRID Legends in Classic Car-Nage DLC

A destruction derby-themed mode has been added to GRID Legends today, 21st June, through the mains of its first significant paid add-on – the Classic Car-Nage DLC.

In a move that harks back to – or repurposes content ideas from – prior GRID games, the aim will be to smash up your rivals, scoring points as you do so. Using revised track layouts, the venues have been designed with crashes in mind, reminding us on paper of Wreckfest.

New story elements

Somewhat surprisingly, there will be a storyline just for this addition. In the base game, Driven to Glory followed the up-and-coming Seneca Racing team, facing the arrogant Ravenwest team and its star driver Nathan McKane.

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC gameplay derby action

Along the way, you come across Valentin Manzi played by the soon-to-be Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa, but his appearances are somewhat fleeting.

In Classic Car-Nage, you will follow his plight, in more detail, across eight new story sections.

Additional cars and tracks

The paid DLC adds five new banger racing-styled vehicles, including the ice-cream van teased last week. There will also be four dedicated new routes, some featuring multiple crossovers and ramps, across two locations: Yokahama Docks and Havana.

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC The Beltra Frostbite

The new vehicles are:

  • The Beltra Frostbite
  • Beltra Hot Rod
  • Jupiter Freighter
  • Jupiter Eagleray Mk.5
  • Dumont Ute Titan
GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC Havana derby

Outside of the story area, three new sponsored career events will also be included. The new content can be raced online too and will be free in this setting to all GRID Legends owning players.

A similar mode was part of the original Race Driver: GRID (video below) and last seen in 2014’s GRID Autosport – although a Skirmish would happen in 2019’s GRID reboot as you awaited an online lobby race to begin.

More to come

This is the first of four planned paid expansions for GRID Legends across its 12 months from the initial launch. Free quality of life updates are also planned, with a photo mode slated for early July and a macOS port later this year. The base game will also be free for Amazon Prime members on PC during Prime Day.

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC Yokohama Docks derby

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC release date

The Classic Car-Nage DLC for GRID Legends releases on 21st June for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Those who own the Deluxe Edition will receive the pack today at no extra cost, although for those who do not, it will be available separately for £7.99/$9.99.

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