Classic Sport Driving

Classic Sport Driving goes retro arcade racing this December

Classic Sport Driving goes retro arcade racing this December

The magic of 90’s arcade racing games can be found in a new title coming to Steam later this year. 

Classic Sport Driving is the name, and it might also be the best possible description for this game. The virtual cars look sporty, the racing gameplay is classical and at the bare essence of it, players will be driving to the best of their ability along a multitude of curved roadways. 

Developed by a small, five-person team named Pixel Wrappers, Classic Sport Driving, in their own words, is “like Trackmania with a retro atmosphere” where the gameplay is fast-paced, reaction time is critical and finding the apices will yield the fastest times. 

Classic Sport Driving

Per the release, this retro-style racer focuses on hitting the perfect racing lines. The main features include a solo campaign with checkpoints, a hot seat offline multiplayer to challenge friends and a track generator to keep challenges fresh. 

The developers credit games such as Lotus Turbo Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini American Challenge and Outrun as their visual inspiration for this arcade-like racing game. Honestly, I get a little bit of a Cruis’n USA vibe from the trailer as well. 

There are computerized opponents that will hog the preferred groove, so it’s not just about hitting the marks every time, but also about avoiding slower traffic.  

As a resident of New York, I feel like this game was made for me, especially the part about avoiding traffic. 

Classic Sport Driving was scheduled to release in the summer of 2021, but recently it was announced that it won’t be live until December at the earliest. Check out the Steam page and wishlist it if you desire. We’ll check back later in the year and see how this one turns out.   

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