WATCH: How to get out of Rookie Class on iRacing | Dave Cam

Starting a new online career on iRacing.com Motorsport Simulators can be intimidating for new members. A lot of times, the rookie class races are some of the toughest to succeed in due to the lack of knowledge and respect from other first-time users. 

Longtime iRacer and Traxion Stream Team member Dave Cam took a look at the official Rookie Mazda class races on iRacing’s daily schedule and put together a few tips, tricks, and trade secrets on how to get out of the Rookie class as fast as possible. 

As Dave utilises the Mazda MX5 around the technical parts of Oulton Park, watch and learn how easy it can be to avoid mayhem, keep incidents to a minimum, and get to the Class D rank quickly to continue progressing up the iRacing ladder. The sentiment also applies to Oval, Dirt, and Dirt Road racing, so no matter what you’re driving, these guidelines can help in any circumstances. 

For more information on moving up the iRacing ladder, check out Justin’s Beginners Guide to Advancing on iRacing.

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