Circuit Superstars V.0.4.0 adds new replay cameras and prototype car

Justin Melillo
Circuit Superstars Early Access Patch V.0.4.0 released

Fans of the upcoming Circuit Superstars, a new update has been released add new features and content.

The Early Access top-down arcade racer is now up to Version 0.4.0. The latest updates bring the game closer to a full release, but for now, there a ton of new features to check out, detailed on the game’s Discord server earlier on Tuesday.

Circuit Superstars Early Access Patch V.0.4.0 released

The newest car in the lineup is a Prototype vehicle nicknamed the Conquest. As Tom pointed out to me, the fantasy vehicle resembles an Audi R8 Le Mans Prototype, this specific one a five-time winner of the famed 24 hour race at Le Mans. It just so happens that the historic 24 hour event takes place this weekend… could it be a convenient coincidence?

Three of the 12 Grand Prix tournaments that will be available at launch are included in this update. Online events will now rotate randomly, cars have been tuned, and the replay system has a range of camera options to play with now.

There are a ton of other features in the update. We’ve cleaned up the developer’s post and included it below. Let us know what you think about the latest edition of the highly anticipated racing game.

Circuit Superstars Early Access Patch V.0.4.0 released


Introducing: Prototype – Conquest

  • Fast, pure and endless amounts of track time await you as you take control of the powerful Conquest prototype! 99 lap races won’t be dull with this distance conquering machine. Race online or vs AI to unlock all the stunning designs available for the new car in your collection.


  • Had an amazing race online or vs AI and want to remember a great moment? Want to review your driving? Learn from your rivals Anything is possible with our updates to the Replays system! Use a range of camera options to relive the race track action.

Grand Prix

  • Patch v.0.4.0 features 3 Grand Prix tournaments of the 12 that will be available at launch. Compete vs different difficulties to find the AI that challenges your skills the most!

Online Rotations

  • Today we introduce a new system of events rotations that allows you to race online on a variety of events, no longer needing to wait a week for a refreshed pool of events! Simply race solo or in a lobby and you will see events rotate randomly.

Car Tuning

  • Our team (Alberto and Carlos) have been testing all the cars and balancing them to improve their feel and gameplay experience. All categories will feel a little or a lot different. Let us know what you think!

Main Menu Upgrades

  • Several upgrades were done to the Main Menu experience, from usability to aesthetics! The game will now welcome you with a new space, decorated with sculptures representing the timeless flow of cars and memories around race tracks.

Other features and improvements

  • Controller rebinding (Beta) – We are keen to hear your feedback on this feature! Let us know if you are able to accomplish what you need.
  • Updated tracks with performance improvements!
  • New liveries for several cars!
  • Polished animations! No more weird hands!
  • Faster game flows, skippable cut-scenes!
  • New Podium Scene
  • Graphics and Sound optimizations
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