CarX Drift Racing Online update adds four new cars

Ross McGregor
CarX Technologies’ v2.14.0 update for CarX Drift Racing Online is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, with a Switch version inbound.
CarX Drift Racing Online, CarX Drift Racing Online update adds four new cars

CarX Technologies has released details on their new version 2.14.0 update for the PC via Steam, Xbox and PlayStation versions of its eponymous CarX Drift Racing Online drifting game.

As part of the new patch, the team behind CarX Street and CarX Rally has added a whole host of in-game content, including four new cars – the Kaiju, Royal, Consul GT, and Prestigio. New body kits are also available for the EVA MR, Nomad and Grace GT cars, from StreetX, Slide Performance and RT&T respectively.

As well as car content, the developer has added a turbo pressure gauge to the in-game HUD, offered the option to switch headlights on or off while driving and reworked the all-important wastegate sounds for added immersion.

CarX Drift Racing Online

There have been a number of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes too, which should make life easier for virtual drifters to get out on track. The update is available now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation users, with the Switch version coming at a later date.

Are you a fan of the latest content in CarX Drift Racing Online? Is there anything else you would like to see in future? Let us know in the comments below.

CarX Drift Racing Online v2.14.0 Changelog

  • Added the option to turn car front lights on/off. It can be found in the controller settings. The game settings also include the option to turn light sync on/off in multiplayer.
  • Reworked the blow-off valve sound. Added a wastegate sound for the Ultimate modification. The wastegate sound can be turned off in the dynostand’s “Engine” tab.
  • Improved player synchronization in multiplayer.
  • Added new cars: Kaiju, Royal, Consul GT, and Prestigio.
  • Added new StreetX body kits for EVA MR, Slide Performance for Nomad, and R&T for Grace GT.
  • Fixed how vinyl slot previews display. (Xbox only)
  • Added the option to display an inclinometer in all play modes.
  • Added a turbo charger pressure gauge to races. It can be turned on in the game settings.
  • Fixed the issue with saving the Engine Tune-Up parameter.
  • Fixed missing save changes window after editing vinyl transparency.
  • Fixed progress bar for drift score multiplier in tandem drift competitions.
  • Reduced the interval for some first-person view settings.
  • Added the number of registered players in championships.
  • Added the total number of players in championships to the server selection window.
  • Changed the layout for the tournament grid.
  • Added signs to the championship tournament grid for when a player couldn’t start or left a race or is in the middle of a bye-run.
  • Added an option for reporting players from the full tournament grid.
  • Added an option for leaving championships after registering. Made it possible to launch some competitions with one player when the timer runs out in multiplayer.
  • Fixes made for turning collisions on/off in multiplayer.
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