teases new car, update v0.24.1.2 released

Ross McGregor
BeamNG.Drive Civetta Bolide

The team behind has been hard at work recently. Coming off the back of a new hotfix that updates the game to v0.24.1.2, the game’s official Twitter feed has teased a new car coming to the enjoyably realistic driving game. We at Traxion are big fans.

With a tell-tale Owl badge, the new car looks to be from the fictional Civetta brand – most famous for the 80s-style supercar, the Bolide. Deriving inspiration from the DeTomaso Pantera, the Bolide – Italian for Fireball – is appropriately powerful, featuring a mid-engine layout that provides a lively driving experience.

A remastered version of the original Bolide arrived back in December, and with no other details released could this be a 2022 Bolide? Perhaps it will be electric, since most supercar manufacturers are headed in this direction? Time will tell.

Patch v. has also been released, featuring updates to the Bruckell Bastion, Burnside Special and the Bolide. The West Coast, Italy, Gridmap and Utah maps have also had minor bug fixes, with general quality of life improvements to the UI and Game Engine.

The updates come as part of a process of continuous development outlined by the BeamNG team in our recent podcast.

The full changelog can be found below. v0.24.1.2 changelog


  • Civetta Bolide: Group 5 setup tweaks
  • Bruckell Bastion
  • Changed off road config to use normal seats, improved refnodes of gauge needles so they don’t clip through the dashboard
  • Removed adaptive brake lights from Bastion
  • Burnside Special: Improve frame rigidity, fix frame crossmember mesh spiking, suspension instability on full compression, frame beams deforming on small bumps


West Coast

  • Fixed decalroads
  • Fixed bypass bridge mesh collision


  • Fixed billboards at the gas station
  • Fixed floating rocks


  • Raised the airport sign on the entrance


  • Fixed the lights of dragstrip screens

User interface

  • Fixed inability to customize bindings in computers set to certain languages (such as Korean)
  • Fixed the ‘Main Menu’ automatically stopping any replay in progress (both playback and recording)
  • Overview Map Mode
  • Turned off depth of field when in the map mode
  • Cut the transition sound when the transition animation is cancelled

World Editor

  • Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate naming
  • Fixed notification window not closing
  • Fixed an error that could happen in the file dialog
  • Fixed wrong number limits for some parameters in the audio engine debug tool


  • Fixed stuttering performance issue by improving the respawn logic
  • Improved spawn point search performance
  • Fixed typo preventing suspects mode from working if the player is driving a police vehicle


  • Added missing “risk” pin to traffic parameters node

Mission Editor

  • Mission Editor can now reload the complete mission system without having to reload Lua

Game Engine

  • Fixed camera when opening Option’s UI panel in levels with near plane values different than 0.1m


  • Fixed sound sources leaking memory which decreased performance over time.


  • Updated game EULA
  • Fixed Performance Statistics testing not working properly

What are your thoughts on the new car teased by the team? Let us know in the comments below.

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