hotfix updates the remastered Ibishu Covet

The team behind has released a hotfix for its recent v0.26 update which fixes several bugs, including minor issues with the remastered Ibishu Covet. hotfix updates the remastered Ibishu Covet

Fresh off the back of’s mammoth v0.26 update on Monday (19th September 2022), the development team has followed it up with an 87.93MB hotfix (v0.26.1) to patch out bugs and update several cars and maps.

The most notable update comes to the game’s most recently remastered car, the Ibishu Covet. The popular little Japanese hatchback was given a complete overhaul by the BeamNG team, including new interiors across its model range, H-pattern gearshift animations, revised physics and the addition of a Group B rallying-inspired mid-engined variant. Jean Ragnotti will be delighted.

The Skidplate version of the Covet has also been tweaked, as a conflict with the game’s new Understeer Reduction Assistant was discovered post-release, causing complete steering failure. Handy.

However, a few issues found in its v0.26 guise have now been fixed in v0.26.1, including wonky turn signals, steering issues and aesthetic glitches with the bonkers MR Turbo version’s side skirts. Other cars to receive minor updates include the Civetta Scintilla, ETK K-Series, Gavril Roamer and Hirochi Sunburst.

“Hello? Is that the Forestry Commission? It’s Ross here… yes, it happened again”

The Italy, Utah and West Coast USA maps have also undergone some slight tweaks, with minor graphics bugs squashed to complement their swish new PBR (Physically Based Rendering) updates.

As well as minor adjustments to some Missions and the UI, the BeamNG team has also added a new feature where players can choose whether the engines on spawned AI cars are on or off. Ideal when trying to cut down on your carbon footprint… hotfix updates the remastered Ibishu Covet

Players can now also set the number of parked cars to spawn on any given map – cars automatically appear unless the value is zeroed. The default number is five and can be increased all the way up to 50 (although spawning parked vehicles did not seem to work when I tested it).

However, please note the performance demands of adding so many cars can mount up, so expect lower frame rates as traffic builds.

Are you enjoying the new build of What would you like to see in forthcoming updates? Let us know in the comments below. v0.26.1 Changelog



  • Implemented ability to spawn vehicles with their engine turned off
  • Added settings for default engine ignition state when spawning vehicles

Civetta Scintilla

  • Fixed doors not closing on race variants

ETK K-Series

  • Fixed incorrect suspension event name

Gavril Roamer

  • Fixed missing clutch pedal

Hirochi Sunburst

  • Fixed broken DCT shifter animation
  • Fixed incorrect suspension event name

Ibishu Covet

  • Fixed broken Front engine RHD race interior
  • Fixed instabilities with steering
  • Fixed missing geometry on MR Turbo side skirts
  • Fixed left front turn signal activating with the right one
  • Made “GTz Factory Graphics” skin compatible with Series II fascia
  • Fixed piping for the headlight intake
  • Updated brakes on “Runner (M)” config



  • Fixed a hole in port


  • Removed grass that was sticking through the road on a bridge
  • Fixed flipped normals on large rocky terrain texture
  • Fixed cdae error with pebble

West Coast, USA

  • Improved intersection at large bridge mainland entrance/exit
  • Fixed broken 16-bit texture on palm trees


  • Fixed Stars not showing properly for Freeroam-Missions
  • Garage2Garage Delivery:
  • Moved “Next Delivery” button to the far left and made it focus automatically
  • Fixed Stars not being awarded correctly


  • Fixed an issue with the Understeer Reduction Assistant that was causing the Covet variant “The Skidplate” unable to steer. This should probably fix other mods that also use non-standard objects instead of wheels
  • Fixed inability to use Understeer Assistant in bindings using the ‘Wheel(Direct)’ filter (for example people steering with the mouse)
  • Fixed the steering sometimes reacting slower than usual right after disabling Understeer Reduction Assistant and until the vehicle is replaced or reloaded
  • Reintroduced the old ‘Limit steering at high-speed’ assistant (disabled by default)
  • All these assistants now behave independently from the speed option selected for ‘Oversteer Reduction Assistant’


  • Parked vehicles are now enabled by default. A total of 5 parked cars are used – this can be increased in the Options > Gameplay menu


  • Renamed “Include standalone .PC configurations” to “Include custom .PC configurations” to reduce confusion
  • This checkbox shows .PC files without a corresponding .JSON file whether they are custom configs or not
  • Fixed certain warning messages that reappear on the top-right corner even after clicking to hide them
  • Improved visuals of the “Steering’ UI app: the assistance amount is now shown in white (instead of light orange), and assistant indicator dots have been rearranged
  • Overview map: Fixed an issue where the menu selection wasn’t working with the controller right after selecting a mission
  • Quick Access app: Fixed a bug that was preventing vehicle switch button from working if simple traffic is use
  • Updated official translations

Game Engine

  • Fixed some crashes caused/triggered by some vehicles mods


  • Fixed jbeam variable subsystem not correctly overwriting parent variables
  • Fixed jbeam expression parser subsystem missing certain math functions (e.g. sqrt)


  • Fixed mods being unable to save new settings. Now a warning about the non-standard setting will be shown in logs, while the value is stored normally (as in previous versions)
  • Fixed multispawn system forcing ignition state for all vehicles
  • Fixed parked vehicles intersecting with the player vehicle in some cases
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