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art of rally heading to PlayStation this summer

art of rally heading to PlayStation this summer

There’s been a lot of art of rally news on the site in the last month or so as the game continues to update and expand its reach.  We’re all over it!

At this very moment, the game is currently only available on Steam, but developer Funselektor announced on Wednesday that the title is heading to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 by the summer of 2021. With that, now the platform will eventually be available on Game Pass, Xbox One and Series consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch

The PlayStations will also receive the Kenya update at the time of launch. Definitely seems like art of rally is looking to become a household title this summer as it will now be available pretty much everywhere. Well done, Funselektor.

While we all await the console releases coming later in the year, our John Munro is still determined to break to the top of the art of rally World Record charts. Best of luck, John! 

Have you played art of rally on Steam yet, or are you waiting for the console releases? Let us know about it in the comments and stay tuned over here to see if John can get that World Record. 

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