A beginner’s guide to Trackmania 

With the release of Trackmania on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on 15th May, we’ve thrown together a guide to get you beginners started.
A beginner’s guide to Trackmania 

Trackmania is a racing game phenomenon. First released way back in 2003, it focused down onto an extreme time trial format: it’s you against the track and your goal is to go as fast as possible to earn a gold medal. 

TrackMania has enjoyed several editions through the years; including TrackMania United, TrackMania Turbo and TrackMania 2 (plus its Stadium, Valley, Canyon and Lagoon environment off-shoots), but the most current is simply titled Trackmania.  

Released on PC in 2020, the console editions were released on the 15th of May 2023, bringing free-to-play arcade racing thrills to a potential audience of millions. 

One of the game’s most important features is its track editor. This allows players to create outlandishly over-the-top courses that can be shared online for other Trackmania fans to sample, with online leaderboards providing ample incentive to hotlap. Its simplicity is key here, allowing the creation of diverse racing environments with a social twist. 

It’s also an esports hit, with Trackmania-based streams and competitions gaining hundreds of thousands of global viewers thanks to its addictive ‘just one more try’ gameplay. 

If you’re interested in racing upside down at 200mph we outline everything you need to know about Trackmania below. 

Which platforms offer Trackmania? 

As well as a PC version available from Steam, Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store, Trackmania is also available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service.

The console and Luna release came on the 15th of May 2023. 

Is Trackmania a single-player only game? 

No, Trackmania can be played online with friends or offline solo. It’s possible to race against other players at the same time on the same track, but your opponents will appear as ‘ghost’ cars with no collision physics enabled. 

What makes Trackmania so addictive to play? 

New Royal Mode unveiled for Trackmania at Ubisoft Forward

Trackmania is a simple game where players tackle imaginative tracks on or offline, aiming to set the fastest lap time possible. Gold, silver and bronze medals are available based on how quickly you can finish the course, with online leaderboards providing competition between friends while also displaying your regional position. 

Sometimes, due to the outlandish nature of some of the point-to-point tracks, simply finishing a stage is an achievement in itself, with many requiring literal leaps of faith to complete. 

The vehicle handling in Trackmania is also a delight; with enough intuitive grip (not on all surfaces, mind) to push the limits of each environment. The game can also run on modestly-specced PCs, so there’s no let-up in the pace of the action. 

Is Trackmania free-to-play? 

Yes, Trackmania’s Starter subscription package is free-to-play, but offers two levels of paid subscription; Standard and Club. 

What is included with Trackmania’s free version? 

With Trackmania’s free Starter level of subscription, players can take part in a new solo or online campaign every quarter. These will include new tracks and medals to collect. 

Players can also play against friends online in Royal and Ranked matches, with a rudimentary track editor also available (albeit with a limited number of objects to use). 

What does a Standard Trackmania subscription provide? 

Trackmania’s Standard Edition includes all the features of the Starter version plus more advanced track creation tools and objects, with every seasonal campaign (from July 2020 onwards) also available to sample. 

In addition, players can try a new community-made track every day thanks to a curated ‘Track of the Day’ feature, join Club activities and set up their own local server. It’s also possible to submit your own custom track to the Track of the Day review server. 

How much is a Standard Trackmania subscription? 

A Standard Trackmania subscription costs £8.49/$9.99 per year. 

Trackmania Spring 2022 campaign brings new UI, new track blocks

What does a Club Trackmania subscription provide? 

The Club Trackmania subscription includes all aspects of the Starter and Standard levels plus the ability to use custom car skins, create Clubs, play against the fastest players’ ghosts and, crucially for budding pro gamers, participate in official Trackmania esports competitions. 

How much is a Club Trackmania subscription? 

A Club Trackmania subscription costs £25.99/$29.99 per year, or £49.99/$59.99 for a three-year subscription. 

What’s included in the the 2023 Spring Season Update? 

Trackmania Spring 2023 campaign goes live 1st April

The 2023 Spring Season Update adds 25 new tracks and 100 additional medals to earn for free. Players can also unlock a new Prestige Skin by finishing the campaign mode and earning the Track of the Day’s medals. 

More than 150 track creation blocks are also available in the game’s track editor mode with a new club creation UI and two additional driver body types (also known as Morphology in-game) selectable. 

Do you need an UbiSoft Connect account to play Trackmania? 

Yes, you will need to sign up for a free UbiSoft Connect account in order to play Trackmania. You can sign into your UbiSoft Connect account on whichever platform you’d like, but you cannot be signed into the same account on multiple platforms at the same time.

Does Trackmania offer cross-play? 

Yes, not only does Trackmania offer cross-play but it’s also cross-platform too. This means players can save their progress on one format and continue from where they left off on another. It also means players can compete against both multi-generational console owners and PC gamers at the same time. 

The game also has a handy replay editing feature, allowing players to cut together the most spectacular views of their runs. Incorporated into this is a screenshot mode where effects like depth of field can be added. 

Which game modes are available with the Starter version of Trackmania? 

There are three tabs of playable events on Trackmania, but many of them are locked behind the paywall of the subscriptions. What you can get on the free version includes the Campaign under the Solo tab, as well as Training.

Under Live there are two modes. The first is Royal mode, which is a team based battle royal affair, and second is Ranked mode. For Local multiplayer, Splitscreen and Hotseat are the two available options.

Ubisoft+ game subscription service coming to Xbox

Are there any Trackmania esports competitions? 

There are a few to look out for once you get out of needing this beginner’s guide. Two that stand out are the Trackmania World Tour and the Trackmania Grand League World Cup. 

Can you create and share custom tracks in Trackmania? 

Yes, but you will need to own a version of the game on a subscription level as mentioned above.

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