2023 iRacing Season 3 build date is most likely 6th June

Justin Melillo
Per a tweet from Ligier, the new brand of racecar coming to iRacing next month, their car is releasing 6th June.
2023 iRacing Season 3 build date is most likely 6th June

A tweet and subsequent hype video for some upcoming content heading to iRacing basically confirmed the date we were predicting to be for iRacing’s 2023 Season 3 build day. Ligier Automotive tweeted the sub-one minute presentation of the Ligier JS P320 LMP3, and with it confirmed a date of 6th June for its release date.

iRacing historically releases their new content on build day, so we can likely deduce that with simple facts and reasoning that the Tuesday of Week 13 is the day the service goes down for a few hours so this new content can be added and existing content can be updated. Also, iRacing retweeted it, so that, like, double confirms it.

It’s a common cycle in iRacing world. After about half the season, start teasing new content. With days until launch, start making things official. Then the build day arrives. Sometimes it’s not until Wednesday, seldom Thursday, but Tuesday is the most common build day of Week 13 historically, so this makes perfect sense.

We’ve already covered that the Ligier LMP3 was confirmed for Season 3. That, and the Dirt Refresh, are about the only two things that are absolutely confirmed at this time as far as the build is concerned. I think Willow Springs may have been confirmed or all but confirmed per a recent Downshift podcast episode as well.

We’ve seen teases of MotorLand Aragón and possible an IMSA Cadillac GTP, and we know that tracks such as Pukehoke, Algarve, Misano, Lédenon, Mugello, Kern County and a rescan of Zandvoort are all on the table as well. As far as we know, Rain is about the only thing we’re not getting out hopes up for just yet.

With NASCAR’s recent real-world return to North Wilkesboro last weekend, heck, we might also even get a current day version of that before too long. There’s just so much on the table for iRacing content right now, and with the new season right around the corner, expect business to start picking up fairly quickly.

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