2021 WTCR car pack now available for RaceRoom

RaceRoom Racing Experience, WTCR 2021 car pack

RaceRoom Racing Experience has revealed that the WTCR 2021 car pack is now available to purchase, as of the 26th April 2022.

As we revealed last week, (22nd April 2022) the 2021 WTCR livery pack, the Audi RS3 LMS 2021 TCR car and the Hyundai Elantra TCR 2021 car were geared up for release on RaceRoom Racing Experience for the very first time. Now, as of the 26th of April, the whole car pack is available to purchase from the RaceRoom Store page.

The pack includes all of 2021’s WTCR contenders, including TCR cars from Lada, Lynk & Co, Audi, Hyundai, Honda and Cupra, plus all the teams’ liveries – and your final chance to race as touring car legend Gabriele Tarquini.

Unfortunately, of the drivers that competed in the 2021 WTCR series only one livery misses out – Czech pilot Petr Fulín’s #222 Cupra Leon Competicion is currently unavailable.

The 2021 WTCR car pack is available to purchase now on PC for £18.45/$23.46/€21.95.

WTCR 2021 Car Pack Content


  • Lada Vesta TCR
  • Audi RS 3 LMS 2021
  • Lynk & Co 03 TCR
  • Cupra Leon Competicion
  • Hyundai Elantra TCR 2021
  • Honda Civic TCR


Lada Vesta TCR

  • 30 Rosneft Lada Sport, Mikhail Mityaev
  • 20 Rosneft Lada Sport, Kirill Ladygin

Audi RS 3 LMS 2021

  • 17 Comtoyou DHL Team Audi Sport, Nathanaël Berthon
  • 32 Comtoyou DHL Team Audi Sport, Tom Coronel
  • 16 Comtoyou Team Audi Sport, Giles Magnus
  • 22 Comtoyou Team Audi Sport, Frederic Vervisch

Lynk & Co 03 TCR

  • 68 Cyan Racing Lynk & Co, Yann Ehrlacher
  • 100 Cyan Racing Lynk & Co, Yvan Muller
  • 11 Cyan Performance Lynk & Co, Thed Björk
  • 12 Cyan Performance Lynk & Co, Santiago Urrutia

Cupra Leon Competicion

  • 79 Zengő Motorsport Services KFT, Rob Huff
  • 96 Zengő Motorsport Services KFT, Mikel Azcona
  • 28 Zengő Motorsport Drivers’ Academy, Jordi Gené
  • 55 Zengő Motorsport Drivers’ Academy, Bence Boldizs

Hyundau Elantra TCR 2021

  • 3 BRC Hyundai N Lukoil Squadra Corse, Gabriele Tarquini
  • 5 BRC Hyundai N Lukoil Squadra Corse, Norbert Michelisz
  • 8 Engstler Hyundai N Liqui Moly Racing Team, Luca Engstler
  • 69 Engstler Hyundai N Liqui Moly Racing Team, Jean-Karl Vernay
  • 19 Target srl, Andreas Bäckman
  • 26 Target srl, Jessica Bäckman
  • 82 Target srl, Nicola Baldan

Honda Civic TCR

  • 9 ALL-INKL.DE Münnich Motorsport, Attila Tassi
  • 18 ALL-INKL.DE Münnich Motorsport, Tiago Monteiro
  • 29 ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport, Néstor Girolami
  • 86 ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport, Esteban Guerrieri
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