Your guide to F1 23’s Podium Pass

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With a significant overhaul for F1 23, the Podium Pass is now essential to in-game progress, especially if you’re playing F1 World. Here’s how it works.
Your guide to F1 23’s Podium Pass

What is F1 23’s Podium Pass?

Podium Pass is an experience-point-based level path within F1 23 which unlocks rewards such as F1 World boosts and cosmetic customisation options.

The system first debuted in F1 2020 and, while derivative, has received a significant overhaul for 2023.

How to access podium pass in F1 23

Within F1 23‘s menus, and not while racing, you can hit the touchpad on PlayStation or the view button on Xbox to take you to the Player Card Hub sub-menu. From there, select Podium Pass.

Podium Pass F1 23 access

How many levels does Podium Pass feature?

The Podium Pass has 50 levels to progress through and two tiers:

  • Standard
  • VIP

The 50 standard levels are open to all players, while the VIP levels are only open to those who purchase access with the Pitcoin virtual currency.

Podium Pass F1 23 50 tiers levels

How to progress through Podium Pass levels

To move through the Podium Pass levels you need to earn XP, and the only way of doing this is by playing the game. Thankfully, you receive XP, small or large quantities, for every single game mode within F1 23.

Braking Point 2 F1 23 Podium Pass XP

So, if you complete some laps in Time Trial, win an online race in Ranked sessions or finish the Braking Point 2 story. Either way, after the event completion, you will see a Podium Pass XP breakdown, including your current level and progress towards the next.

You can also check this at any time within the main Podium Pass menu.

How to earn Podium Pass XP quickly

As mentioned above, any game mode event completion will net your XP. However, we do have some tips for boosting things a little quicker.

Mainly, winning longer single-player or online quick races within F1 World does net substantial XP payouts.

The second element is playing the Ranked Multiplayer mode. If you progress through the rankings, out of the entry-level bronze tier, you will receive an XP boost. Based on your ranked division, this applies to any single-player mode too.

Podium Pass F1 23 post-race rewards

So, in this example, we are in Silver Division 1, and we’re receiving a bonus kickback by completing F1 World events. Winner.

You can also receive extra XP through ‘mods’, which relate directly to F1 World. Equip personnel with the ability to deliver XP, and guess what, more will be added post-race.

What are XP Boosts?

Another way of increasing the speed of Podium Pass level progress is by purchasing XP Boosts. These cost Pitcoin, which in turn costs real-world currency. More on Pitcoin, below.

Podium Pass F1 23 XP Boosts

XP Boosts increase your reward points by 50 per cent.

  • +1 day, 50% – 1,000 Pitcoin
  • +3 days, 50% – 1,700 Pitcoin
  • +7 days, 50% – 2,000 Pitcoin

You can stack XP boosts too, by purchasing the same one more than once. Mercifully, the effectiveness stays the same, but rather the length of its use is extended.

What items can you unlock in Podium Pass?

The biggest change to Podium Pass in F1 23 over the likes of F1 22, for example, is the rewards. Each time you reach a new level, you unlock an item. Or, if you have VIP, two items.

Podium Pass works on a season-based timing system, with all levels and available unlockables reset each season – so at the time of publication this is based upon the first season available for F1 23.

Within this season, we’ve noticed that the vast majority of standard-tier items are F1 World-specific items, such as setup data, critical insight and compendium stickers. In fact, in 50 levels, there are only three cosmetic items.

Podium Pass F1 23 unlocks

Now, that is either a good thing (if you’re really into F1 World, utilising Podium Pass is essential to quick progression) or a bad thing (if you’re not interested in F1 World and would simply like new liveries or victory radio calls for multiplayer). You’re call.

A definite plus, however, is a reduction in the proliferation of ‘F1 Life’ wallpaper unlocks when compared to last year’s Formula 1 game. Yay.

Then, for the VIP tier, that’s where the majority of cosmetic items, such as car liveries or suit designs are placed.

Below we’ve listed the item types that can be unlocked within Podium Pass so far for F1 23 players, and grouped them into three categories – bearing in mind, once again, that most cosmetic items are eon the paid-for VIP tier:

F1 World items unlocked in Podium Pass

  • Insight
  • Key Insight
  • Critical Insight
  • Setup Data
  • Stickers (Compendium)
  • Tyre Wear Data
  • Track Data
  • Epic Upgrades
  • Legendary Upgrades
  • Epic Contracts
  • Epic Team Principals

Customisation items unlocked in Podium Pass

  • Gloves
  • Race Helmets
  • Car Livery
  • Driving Suit
  • Emblems
  • Podium Emotes
  • Victory Radio Calls
  • Sponsor Decals
  • Personal Stickers

Other items unlocked in Podium Pass

  • Pitcoin (VIP tier only)

How long does a Podium Pass season last?

Each Podium Pass season lasts around eight weeks. After this time, as mentioned above, your level will be reset, although anything you’ve unlocked will still be yours.

Podium Pass F1 23 season length

Then, after a small break, a new season begins. You’ll be back at Level 1 again, but also the items you can unlock will be all-new.

How to claim Podium Pass items

It’s worth noting that any items you unlock in Podium Pass are not automatically added to your inventory, for F1 World or cosmetic items. Each time you level up, and unlock items, you must re-visit the Podium Pass menu.

Podium Pass F1 23 claiming Items

You then hit Cross (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) on each new item to ‘claim’ it and add to your collection. This is vital for progress within F1 World, so check and claim often.

What is Pitcon?

Pitcoin is Electronic Arts’ and Codemasters’ virtual currency within F1 23 and it can be used to purchase items within the game. In order to obtain Pitcoin, aside from the Champions Edition bonuses, you spend real-world currency to obtain various quantities.

You can also earn back some Pitcoin via the Podium Pass, but only on the paid-for VIP tier.

How much is Pitcoin?

Within F1 23, Pitcoin is available in packs, with five different bundle sizes available. It starts from £1.88/$1.99, rising to £30.99/$34.99.

  • 2,000 Pitcoin – £1.88/$1.99
  • 5,000 Pitcoin – £3.79/$4.19
  • 11,000 Pitcoin – £7.99/$8.99
  • 24,000 Pitcoin – £16.99/$18.99
  • 50,000 Pitcoin – £30.99/$34.99
Podium Pass F1 23 pitcoin price

How much is the VIP Podium Pass?

The VIP Podium Pass tier costs 9,000 Pitcoin within the F1 23 video game.

Podium Pass F1 23 VIP Price

What is the F1 23 Store?

The store within EA SPORTS F1 23 is a place to purchase additional, optional, cosmetic items – over and above those that can be unlocked within Podium Pass.

The visit the Store, simply hit the touchpad (PlayStation) or View button (Xbox) while in F1 23’s menus and hit the ‘Store’ icon.

Podium Pass F1 23 Store

These cost Pitcoin to buy, and prices vary. For example a ‘Fourth July’ car livery for 3,000 Pitcoin or an EA Sports cap for 2,750 Pitcoin.

You can also browse ‘casual wear’ items, such as Beats headphones, for your in-menu avatar and these also cost (yes, you guessed it) Pitcoin.

Podium Pass F1 23 Store Headwear

The types of items you can find here are:

  • Race Suits
  • Race Helmets
  • Car liveries
  • Gloves
  • Sponsor Decals
  • Personal Stickers
  • Badge Emblems
  • Podium Emotes
  • Character Poses
  • Victory Radio Call
  • Tops (Casual)
  • Footwear (Casual)
  • Eyewear (Casual)
  • Bottoms (Casual)
  • Headwear (Casual)
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