World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing patch released, preparing for UMP, I-55 DLC Friday

Justin Melillo
A Wednesday (26th October) patch for World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing released with added content and fixes for the console racing title.
World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing patch released, preparing for UMP, I-55 DLC Friday

In preparation for Friday’s DLC launch for World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, Monster Games and iRacing released a patch on Wednesday to not only get the game ready for the new content, but also fix and update the content already on the platform.

While there’s no changelog or patch notes at this time, it might be something that drops on Friday alongside the DLC addition. It is expected that the UMP Modified and I-55 Raceway are releasing to DLC owners tomorrow (28th October).

For now, all we have to reference is a couple of tweets from iRacing Executive Vice President Steve Myers, plus the update notification on our respective Xbox and PlayStation consoles. In those tweets, Myers wrote:

  • “More selectable drivers in Late Model, Pro Late Model and 360 Series”
    • Some of those drivers were already in the game as AI opponents, but some are brand-new all together, at least from what I can see on my end.
  • “PS4 Pro maintains a more consistent frame rate”
    • Those playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro console will now have a more consistent frame rate.
  • “Driver videos can now be skipped by pressing the X button on PS4/PS5 or A button on Xbox”
    • If players weren’t interested in hearing from the Outlaws drivers in the Career Mode, those videos can now be skipped. Sorry, Donny Schatz, I’m sure you had something important to say about how I clipped you in the last race. My bad.
  • “Fix issue allowing race to end under yellow flag”
    • I did try this and I wound up with multiple overtime restarts and a last lap where I sat backwards for minutes with nothing happening. Not sure if that was what is intended.
  • “Add support for upcoming content”
    • Mostly backend content that will be utilized in the DLC.
  • “Other minor improvements and fixes”
    • Likely quality of life stuff surrounding the performance and playability of the title.

Although it was just a pair of tweets, no more than 560 characters written, there was a lot to unpack from it. I did inquire about a changelog or patch notes to a source at iRacing. That source hinted it might come with the UMP and I-55 DLC tomorrow.

All in all, these updates seem to be a good starting point. We’ll hopefully see what else there is when the DLC launches on Friday or if the patch notes are posted to the website before then. Keep it pinned.

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