Simucube launches a sim racing pedal with force feedback 

Simcube launches a sim racing pedal with force feedback 

Forget springs and rubber, Simucube’s ActivePedal is a new type of sim racing peripheral that can deliver force feedback to your feet.

Finnish purveyors of sim racing equipment, Simucube, has turned its attention to re-inventing the brake pedal. 

Revealed today, 27th October 2022, the ActivePedal combined a load cell with a force feedback system.  

It does not use springs or interchangeable rubbers, nor is it hydraulic. It’s, well, different… 

It also delivers vibration, which in theory allows the driver to feel such sensations as anti-locking braking system pulsations and traction control inputs. 

Yes, it doesn’t have to be a brake pedal, it can be used as a throttle or a clutch, too. 

How it works 

Very briefly, the pedal is mounted at the bottom to a longitudinal chassis. It’s also connected a second time, via a moveable arm from near the top. When the pedal is depressed, the arm, equipped with a load cell, moves across the linear axis. This is where the vibration, or feedback, motor is housed. 

It’s certainly unique in the marketplace at present. Last year, D-BOX and SIMTAG collaborated to create a set of haptic feedback pedals, but they operated in a different way and to date, remain prototypes.

Due to the lack of traditional moving parts, Simucube claims that zero maintenance is required, and performance should remain consistent throughout its lifespan.

Software is the key 

Alongside the unique build and feedback system, Simucube has developed proprietary software to tweak various parameters. 

These include the level of input force, vibration frequency and movement range. There is a suite of profiles, which can then be edited in more minute detail. 

The sensation that there may be a ‘spring’ inside is actually created via the software, and thus electronically controlled. 

Simucube Active Pedal

The start of an all-new genre 

While the specific model is called the ‘ActivePedal’, the company also uses the term ‘active pedals’ throughout it recent live stream event on Twitch. It’s creating a whole new type of pedal, not just a new product. 

“We believe that in the long run, active pedals will have an even greater impact in sim racing than direct drive wheels” said Tero Kontkanen, Co-Founder and CTO of Simucube. 

Bold moves. 

Simucube Active Pedal in use, sim racing

Pricing and availability yet to be confirmed 

The price of the ActivePedal is yet to be revealed, as is the release date, but pre-orders will begin in December and it’s hoped that more information will be disclosed then. 

Images: Simucube

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