Unwrap the free Halloween bundle in You Suck at Parking

Happy Volcano is giving out four new treats as part of You Suck at Parking’s Hell on Wheels Halloween bundle.
Mummy Mia! You Suck at Parking unveils new Halloween bundle

Mummies and Frankensteins and Demons, oh my!

You Suck at Parking has unleashed a ghoulish group of goodies for your car, just in time for spooky season. The free bundle is now available for download and guess what? You’ll be able to store those creepy cosmetics year-round, as they don’t seem to have an expiry date.

The quirky developers over at Happy Volcano are handing out four treats as part of the Hell on Wheels bundle, which includes the following eerie add-ons:


Mummy extension as part of You Suck at Parking's Halloween bundle


Frank, otherwise known as Frankenstein, part of the Halloween bundle

Devil Tail

This Devil Tail won't take up more parking space - don't worry!

Demon Wings

Fly higher than ever before in You Suck at Parking with the Demon Wings extension

Each item is only compatible with certain vehicles, so be sure to check the symbol located under the extension name before equipping.

Just like the oodles of candy you’ll be consuming this Halloween; You Suck at Parking is highly addictive. The game is much tougher than it looks with copious amounts of levels to keep you cursing at your computer screen.

Recently, as if there wasn’t enough frustration in those tiny carparks, Happy Volcano gave Twitchers the ability to allow for even more chaos while streaming online. So, if you’re on Twitch and want to scare your viewers with a fresh set of petrifying paint, be sure to download the Hell on Wheels expansion pack, available in Beta form via Steam or part of Xbox Game Pass.

Which spooky skin is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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