Williams Esports has its own branded Playseat Formula Intelligence sim rig

Justin Melillo
Williams Esports and PlaySeat have collaborated on a branded Formula Intelligence sim rig. We don’t know when it will release or how much it costs just yet.
A behind the rig look at the Williams racing playseat

It wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen team-branded sim equipment in the wild before, especially from Williams Esports. However, earlier this month and as recently as yesterday (22nd February), images and teasers of a Williams-branded Playseat Formula Intelligence have been popping up on social media.

Covered in that classic Williams Esports look, as well as many of its sponsors for this season, the variant Playseat sim rig looks to be perfect for any Williams Esports fan… or driver, of course.

While promotional images show Fanatec products on them, if it’s like the base model, it should be able to mount various other brands, such as Logitech and Thrustmaster which are specifically mentioned on the Playseat store site.

The rig itself is a formula-style seating layout, where the pedals are not on the floor, but raised up near eye level as the sim racer sits nearly laying down in the padded seat.

The frame of the Playseat Williams has a Duracell coppertop

Normally this rig goes for about $2,500 without any branding or logos. With the Williams look, it could end up being more that that, but we don’t know for certain. There is also no release date announced at the time of this posting.

I tell you what though, the Duracell coppertop battery logo on the frame is absolutely mint. I love how Williams continues to incorporate that brand across their real-world and virtual branding.

Sources: Williams Esports and Playseat

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