Razer offering Williams Esports edition of Enki Pro Gaming Chair

Razer offering Williams Esports edition of Enki Pro Gaming Chair

If you or a sim racer you know is in the market for a lavish gaming chair, Team Razer might have what you’re looking for. The “Ultimate Comfortable Gaming Chair” per the Razer website, or the “Throne for Esports Racing” as the promotional video puts it, the Razer Enki Pro now comes in the famous blue and black found on the Williams Esports liveries.

Retailing for £1,299, the Williams Esports Edition of the Razer Enki Pro claims to have that luxurious feeling when it’s time to sit down and game. The seat itself is a mix of Alcantara plush with leatherette-type of lining. It has 110 degrees of extended shoulder arches and a 21-inch ultra-wide seat base.

Inside and around the Enki Pro, there’s a built in lumbar arch for the back, adjustable seat positioning with up to 152 degrees of recline, and there’s also a piece of memory foam disguised as a head cushion for head and neck comfort and support.

This particular gaming chair comes in two other variants if the Williams Esports branding isn’t what you’re looking for. There is a Koenigsegg Edition that also costs £1,299, decked out in bright yellow and black Alcantara upholstery. Also, for only £999, the same Enki Pro chair comes in all black with the green Razer trim and logo.

There are wheels on the bottom of the seat, so unless you’ve got a rig that holds the wheels down, like the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 does, or you opt to not install the wheels for whatever reason, this is going to be most useful for desk gaming/racing or casual chilling in your gaming room.

Either way, it’s quite luxurious in the pricing. What do you think about this new gaming chair, is it a must have for Williams Racing or Esports fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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