Why WRC Generations will be released later on PC

Thomas Harrison-Lord
WRC Generations will be releasing on PC a couple of weeks after the consoles, with the teams at KT Racing and Nacon aiming for a smoother launch.
Why WRC Generations will be released later on PC

When the latest official game of the World Rally Championship, WRC Generations, was announced in May, curiously the Xbox and PlayStation release date was set, but not for PC drivers.

The console version will launch on 13th October 2022, but unlike previous years, developer Kylotonn will launch the title on PC at a later date. This has now been confirmed to Traxion.GG as “early November.”

WRC Generations new Rally Sweden stages

“The difference [on PC] is that not everyone has the same setup,” said Sébastien Waxin, Senior Marketing Project Manager for Nacon’s racing titles to Traxion.GG at Gamescom.

“We experienced in the past some issues with the game itself that we can solve with some patches.

“So first, the two weeks we reserve for the consoles and it will maybe help detect some issues that we can fix in the meantime for the PC version.”

For WRC 10, we at Traxion didn’t encounter any significant issues on PlayStation 5 build during the review process, except for some dropped frames in the dark or rain. On PC, however, the game was more unstable at launch before updates, so hopefully, this extra window allows for further tweaks this time around.

“We know that the PC community is demanding, so this is a way to have, let’s say hopefully a smoother launch of the PC version,” explained Waxin.

WRC Generations is the final game of the rally series by KT Racing and publisher Nacon, with the licence moving elsewhere in 2023. From WRC 9 onwards, in our opinion, it has delivered best-in-class vehicle dynamics and we’ll have a full hands-on preview of the latest, hybrid-powered, entry very soon.

WRC Generations PC release date

WRC Generations will launch on PC via Steam in early November 2022.

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