WATCH: We made the WORST set-up possible in sim racing

You may have seen our various set-up guides…. But how about making a set-up as bad as possible?

With so much of sim racing taken so seriously, and professional esports drivers looking for 0.1s through set-up tweaks, we’ve flipped race car engineering on its head.

Who can make the best, worst, set-up? John or Oasley?

Let battle commence, using rFactor 2 at Sebring using the Infiniti Q50 BTCC model.

Each contender sets some baseline laps and then takes it in turns to create the most difficult-to-drive combination of settings possible.

Dampers, tyre pressures, aero – it’s all selectable and aside from a fun challenge, hopefully, a lesson in car tweaking.

To try out the set-ups we created for each other, they are available to download from this link.

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