WATCH: Traxion co-driver challenge

Dirt Rally 2.0 co-driver Ford Escort Cosworth

We at Traxion love a good rally game, and our resident rally expert John Munro recently recorded a video with accompanying article explaining the intricacies of the sometimes-complicated language of rally co-drivers.

We felt the best way to follow this up was to attempt a full rally stage with John in the driving seat co-driven by self-confessed rallying novice Oasley. The twist? They’d have to devise their own pace notes…

Like real-life rally crews, the pair would need to recce the stage first, passing through at slow speed to form their own pace notes. What could possibly go wrong? And who knew that reversing back through a rally special stage would lead to disqualification?

Did they put their poor Group A Ford Escort Cosworth through the Ringer? Was the pair’s pace notes easy to Reid? Did they eventually get the Grist of it? (Apologies)

As the World Rally Championship hits the Swedish snow this weekend, join us as we head to Värmland in Dirt Rally 2.0 for some fast and unpredictable rallying action!

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