WATCH: There is now a RALLY Stage on Wreckfest!

Wreckfest has been the gift that keeps on giving as of late, but we never thought that we’d see this.

The November Wreckfest update brings a legitimate rally stage into the game, complete with a rally livery to wheel around in. This is mega!

It’s been 20 years since the release of Bugbear Entertainment’s first title named Rally Trophy. In celebration of the milestone, they’ve decided to pay tribute to it with the theme for this month’s tournament.

John Munro hops into the seat to take his new ‘rally spec’ Boomer RS for a spin on the new version of an original Rally Trophy stage.

This circuit may technically be set in Russia, but it sure does feel a lot like the 1000 Lakes Rally. Watch as John attempts to earn the gold in the tournament using his skill, wit, and the in-game map. The Rally Trophy update is available to download for free right now!

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