Assetto Corsa Competizione

WATCH: Silverstone Assetto Corsa Competizione track guide

This week’s Assetto Corsa Competizione track guides kick off at Silverstone. A tricky place for beginners, Silverstone is always a popular choice on video games, likely due to its status as the home of the British Grand Prix.

Despite its history and plethora of infamous corners, it can leave you frustrated as a driver when it comes to the slower corners. These are crucial to lap time and if you can get them right, the faster, more enjoyable sections will look after themselves.

Here are a few lap times to go and chase, depending on your experience level:

  • Pro – 1:56:00
  • Pro-Am – 1:59:00
  • Am – 2:02:00
  • My time – 1:56:30

If you were struggling to beat your target time before, hopefully this extensive track guide will finally see you break through the barrier…. not literally obviously. Join us on social media to share your thoughts!

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