WATCH: Returning Friends | Race Driver: GRID Episode 22

We’re at the point in John Munro’s Race Driver: GRID play through where John needs to go back and finish off tasks he wasn’t able to accomplish in earlier episodes. One such task is the Touring Cars championship, which was his first let down in the Global Series back in Episode 17.

In that episode, Lee Niven got fired with prejudice after a poor showing in his specialty, that being Touring Cars. Since then, Rick Racing has brought on ‘Sassy’ Muller, which didn’t work out, and the current ace-in-the-hole, David Dempsey.

To be honest, David might just be too good in that #24 Rick Racing ride. He crushed John’s aspirations last week in the GT1 championship. That’s another thing John is working on this week, and that’s proving he’s still Rick Racing’s number one driver.

As fate would have it, Lee Niven is on the grid for this title. Throughout the episode, John’s is pretty sure Lee is doing everything he can to earn his seat back. Even Mick had nice things to say about him… Do you think Rick Racing might think about rehiring him? Hmm…

Can John win the title over his A-plus teammate David? Stay tuned to find out how the second attempt at the Touring Cars goes. Be sure to check out John’s Race Driver: GRID archive, and stay tuned to the channel to catch a recap of John’s Twitch series with GRID Legends. Also, keep it pinned, OK?

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