WATCH: Battle Scarred | Race Driver: GRID Episode 21

Coming off of the Pro Tuned title in last week’s episode of John Munro’s Race Driver: GRID play through, this week it’s all about those GT1s. Rick Racing has a new livery, a new team member in David Dempsey, and enough in the bank to get John and the team whatever they need in these final few episodes of the series.

Last week, John closed out the episode by showcasing the new livery on the GT1 Aston Martin DBR9. This week, he’ll take part in the GT1 Brembo World GT championship. These cars can be a handful, so it will be crucial to keep the tires from sliding with all that power underneath.

Speaking of the new teammate, David is a much better personality on the radio as opposed to ‘Sassy’ Muller. Good riddance to that guy. This new guy is quick, and his specialty is GT1… John’s biggest competition today just might be his new Rick Racing teammate.

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