F1 2021

WATCH: Professional driving? F1 2021 split-screen gameplay

In the orange corner, it’s your favourite Traxion News presenter and voiceover extraordinaire, Rich. And in the green corner, it’s the person who makes the video creation happen, Oasley.

Rich and The Big O are back in action For Traxion, this time playing F1 2021 in split-screen.

This is not just a test of the split-screen multiplayer, but also the vehicle handling when using a gamepad and friendship. Will the two Traxion video pros be speaking to each other after playing against each other? Will they keep hold of their front wings? Will an apex be hit?

Watch the video to find out and comment below if you’re going to be playing F1 2021 with the split-screen feature.

Before you ask, yes it’s on PC, with Rich using an Xbox controller and Oasley on the DualSense.

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