Forza Horizon 5

WATCH: More Games Should Have DeLoreans | Traxion.GG News

Are you telling me they’ve included a time machine in Forza Horizon 5?

Well – yes, kind of. The DMC DeLorean will be in the latest open-world racer from Microsoft and while that was a cool sideshow, it was still a sideshow. The new Festival Playlist structure was the big-ticket item and if you watch the latest episode of the Traxion.GG news, you’ll get to know how it works.

Alongside the Forza Horizon 5 news this week, we have a look at the new cars and tuning options coming to Gran Turismo 7, a fresh motocross game and one of your favourite tracks arriving in a popular PC-based simulator. Plus, there’s the esports round-up and a sneak-peek at upcoming Traxion.GG videos.

Nobody calls Rich chicken.

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