WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 5

WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 5

We’re only five episodes in, and it’s already the end of the first season in my Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series. I’ve got a few new sponsors to sign on with some specific stipulations, but hopefully I can complete their tasks to earn a little extra money every race.

In GRID World, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the season-ending event, and the cars are a little out of Rick Racing’s price range, so I’ll have to check out some Driver Offers. John Traxion is set to compete at Circuit de la Sarthe, racing for Multimac Motorsport and driving in a Panoz Esperante. The goal is to finish ahead of the Spyker Squadron GT2 team in this multi class event, which I’ll also be in the GT2 division, the lowest class in the field.

When Season 2 begins, the real action starts. In my first race of the season, some Scot named Rick Scott is paired up with Nathan McKane on Ravenwest Motorsport. Wait… could that be…? No… I refuse to believe that the Rick from the TOCA-verse that we know and love would ever drive for such a team.

McKane and the Ravenwest team in general are some of the biggest rivals anyone will face in the entire GRID universe. Both entities are already confirmed for the next GRID installment, GRID Legends. Unfortunately at this point in my career, my Ford Mustang Boss 302 doesn’t stand a chance against either of those Ravenwest cars at the Milan – Castello Circuit in Italy.

Mick’s concernment with the Ravenwest drivers throughout both races pretty much sells it that they’ll be the ones I’ll have to beat in this series. Stay tuned in to see if I can catch up sooner than later. If this is your first time watching, be sure to check back with the first four episodes in the series to see how I’ve progressed to this point. As always, leave a like, drop a comment, and subscribe for more content like this on the Traxion channel.

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