WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 2

Happy Sunday! I’m heading back to GRID World in Race Driver: GRID for the second episode of my latest Let’s Play. Today, we’re going to give the American drive a shot as I continue to figure out the best difficulty and settings I want to use in this series.

My Manageress and my Pit Chief have still not told me their names, so I’ve decided to go with Carmen and Mick, respectively. John Traxion’s first race today is in a Chevrolet Lacetti over on the Washington – Park Circuit. Let’s see how I fare once I get the physics down. Also, while this game isn’t optimized for a wheel, I’m still going to use this Thrustmaster. I’ll have to remember to treat my steering inputs like a joystick as opposed to a wheel for best results.

This episode has some other fun events besides racing. I’ll take part in my first time trial event in a BMW 320SI at the Nurburgring Grand Prix. I’ll also give drifting a go in a Nissan Silvia on the Okutama Drift Circuit. A lot of action packed in on this second episode as we inch closer to owning our own team.

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