WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 1

John Munro
WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 1

John Traxion is back! The TOCA Race Driver 3 World Champion returns for another career mode play through. This time, I’m taking on GRID World in Race Driver: GRID.

Yes, that’s correct, a brand new series begins on a different game. Technically though, it’s the next game chronologically in the TOCA series. This is another Codemasters title that was released in 2008 and it brought a more structured career mode to the table than TOCA 3 did. Justin Towell gave it a raving review a couple of months ago. It only made sense for this to be my next Let’s Play series.

As I get situated with the game once again, I’m still trying to figure out which difficulty to play at. After the introduction race up and down the streets of San Francisco to get my rookie licenses, the GRID World mode starts us out by taking on drives from other teams. Different jobs offer different income if I’m able to complete the challenge.

There are American, European and Japanese licenses to build on. I’ll have to earn money while also earning more reputation for higher licenses. The early goal is to eventually start my own race team. I also have a nameless business manager and a nameless engineer alongside me so far. Unfortunately, the engineer is not Rick. 

I’m expecting to have so much fun in this series. If you want to get notified for all of the future episodes of my latest Let’s Play as well as all of the other great content here on this Traxion channel, make sure you ring that bell. Thanks for watching!

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