WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 18

John Munro
WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 18

After a tumultuous outing in last week’s episode of John Munro’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series, John Traxion and the higher ups at Rick Racing had some tough decisions to make to get things back on the winning track. As mentioned in Episode 17, Lee Niven’s days were indeed numbered. Sorry Traxion Twitter, but there will be no justice for Lee today.

In Lee’s place, Rick Racing now has Joakim Muller alongside John for the foreseeable future. While he might be an expert level driver, he’s also got a degree in being overly sassy, apparently. Once again, there were a few bugs and crashes in recording. Never fear as John was able to dramatically recreate the events of the Euro A License championships.

Rick Racing is finally in the top level of prototype competition, by the way. John went out and purchased a pair of Audi R10 LMP1s for the team, and they are pretty good. Coming up on the GRID 24 Hours of Le Mans, John states if he can win it overall, it might be his last attempt at the event.

With winning all of the Prototype and Endurance titles in the Euro A License, Season 8 kicks off with a head to head with Ravenwest. It’s John versus Nathan McKane in Ravenwest-coloured open-wheelers at a backwards Nürburgring. I don’t know how I feel about seeing John in those Ravenwest colours, to be honest.

To wrap up the episode, John stays open-wheel racing for a Global License level championship. Will John have a better outing than his first attempt in Global with Touring Cars? What about Joakim, will he be a better fit for Rick Racing? Also, will John be able to take his constant sass? Tune in to find out! Be sure to watch the first 17 episodes of John’s Let’s Play series to see how we’ve gotten to this point. Keep it pinned!

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