WATCH: John Munro is back on with new v0.25 update


On Wednesday (15th June 2022), released the v0.25 update which added the new Civetta Scintilla supercar, just about 100 new challenges and a handful of other upgrades and fixes. The release of the new and updated content created a perfect opportunity for John Munro to get back on Beam for today’s video!

John is going to try out some of the new content, including the Civetta Scintilla and the updated Garage Mode. He’ll also give some of the new missions a go. Not all 100 of them, but some of the ones that catch his eye. There will be AI racing and some of the new game modes, including ‘Run for life’, ‘Knock away’, and one called… ‘Cannon’?

There’s bound to be plenty of soft-bodied crashing ahead to enjoy. The fun is seemingly endless, and if you haven’t yet already, check out the new update for yourselves. The v0.25 – Spark Your Passion update is available now. For more racing game content, be sure to keep it pinned to the Traxion.GG YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell for notifications!

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