WATCH: How Mario Kart 64 is still relevant 25 years on

It’s nearly 25 years since Mario Kart 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 and was the series’ first proper foray into three dimensions.

Thanks to its ground-breaking design, Mario Kart 64 set a benchmark for the franchise, with many of the game’s innovations – three-stage drifting, power-ups, slipstreaming and undulating course design – featuring in sequels to this day.

But perhaps the biggest and most fondly remembered Mario Kart 64 feature was the ability to play against three friends in local split-screen four-player. You and your friends could race head-to-head or engage each other in the superlative ‘Battle Mode,’ making Mario Kart 64 the ideal nineties party game (alongside the N64’s Goldeneye 007 too, obviously).

Join us as we look back at one of the most important racing games ever – one I’m sure most Traxion.GG viewers and readers will have played and enjoyed at some stage in their lives.

And with its presence on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack selection of N64 games, a whole new generation can endure the joys of N64-based blue shell disasters…

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