WATCH: How fast are the RaceRoom aliens?

For seven Tuesdays this year, the ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship, which is utilising the RaceRoom Racing Experience platform, will be live on Traxion’s YouTube channel for English viewers.

The new ADAC GT series is mainly about the GT3 championship with many top-level esports organisations involved, but this year also features a GT4 support series competing at the same venue. The GT4 champion will be awarded a spot in the next GT3 field season.

Our own John Munro took part in the first race of the GT4 support series, which might I add, the other 30 drivers all had to qualify into. John isn’t a regular on the RaceRoom platform either, but he is there as an invited guest, which means, unfortunately, he can’t race for the title either.

Given these facts, all we can hope for is a better finish than last, and the results may surprise you given the talent, or aliens if you prefer, that he was up against!

Take a look at our insider’s perspective as John shares his thoughts on racing in the support series all while he figures out his Audi R8 GT4 on the RaceRoom sim during practice, qualifying and throughout the 20-minute race at Oschersleben.

Yes, the Traxion.GG gloves definitely add two tenths per lap…

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