WATCH: GT Pro Series Relegation Playoff, live

Justin Melillo
WATCH: GT Pro Series Relegation Playoff

With both of the third rFactor GT Pro Series and rFactor GT Challenge Series seasons in the history books, the next step is to set the field for GT Pro Series Season 4.

25 of the 30 virtual seats are filled already. The Top 20 from the third season’s standings are a lock, and the Top 5 points finishers from the GT Challenge Series have automatically advanced into the next GT Pro Series – such as champion Matt Richards.

Unfortunately, the bottom five drivers in the GT Pro Series standings have been dropped out of the series and will have to register for the next Challenge Series season if they want to continue their rFactor 2 journey.

Those five drivers who finished between 21st and 25th in the GT Pro Series standings aren’t out of it yet, but they’ll have to go up against the next five drivers from the Challenge Series that didn’t advance straight to Pro – positions 6th – 10th.

The Relegation Playoff is a one night, ten-driver show where the Top 5 at the end of the night will be awarded with a place in the next GT Pro Series season.

The drivers competing in the Relegation Playoff are:

  • Risto Kappet (Pro)
  • Lorenzo Arisi (Pro)
  • Ibraheem Khan (Pro)
  • Vojta Polesny (Pro)
  • Petar Brljak* (Pro)
  • Presley Martono (Challenge)
  • Sido Weijer (Challenge)
  • Christian Michel (Challenge)
  • Martin Dyrlund (Challenge)
  • Diogo Silva (Challenge)

*Brljak placed in field instead of Alen Terzic who dropped out, tied for 25th overall

All drivers are capable of excellent results on their day and when the BoP and success ballast works in their favour. Make no mistake – this will be a hotly contested affair amongst professional esports drivers. For this event, car selection and draft ballast have been reset.

For tonight’s Relegation Playoff, it’s a three-race mini-series that will put drivers to the test in short stint races. Each race will be timed at 20 minutes with a five-minute qualifier just beforehand.

Risto Kappet GT Pro Series Season 3 Bentley R8G Esports

The tracks that will host races include Loch Drummond, Sebring School and Lime Rock Park. The five drivers who don’t advance to the GT Pro Series will have to try their luck again in the upcoming GT Challenge Series.

Winning a race will earn 35 points. A runner up finish will get 30 points, and the remaining spots will start at 28 points for third and increment down a single point to 21 points for 10th.

You can watch it all live, today, on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel from 10:45 PT/13:45 ET/18:45 BST/19:45 CEST.

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