WATCH: Fuel Shortage strikes ADAC! Competing in GT4 ADAC GT Masters Esports

John Munro
WATCH: Fuel Shortage strikes ADAC - Competing in GT4 ADAC GT Masters Esports

I’m back racing once again in the ADAC GT Masters GT4 Support Series on RaceRoom Racing Experience. This race takes us to Sachsenring, a place where I’ve won at before, but I’ve got a few things going against me heading into the event.

Coming in to it, I’m not as confident in the car as I’d like to be. I’m also on a wheel I’ve never used on RaceRoom, the Thrustmaster TS-XW. As always in this series, I’m up against some of those RaceRoom aliens that are fighting for a points title. I’m just the guest of the hour over here.

I still want to perform the best I can, so I’ve gotten some professional help and I’m going to calculate as many of the finite details of the fixed setup as I can, all the way down to the fuel load. I’ve never really cared to mess with the fuel, but I’ve done the math and there should be no worries with that… I hope… current events might be messing with me in the virtual world, I don’t know…

Will I be able to outperform my last time out when I tried to go without practice? Tune in to the latest video to find out. Make sure you watch until the end and don’t forget to see how the pros did in the ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship which was on the Traxion channel as well. Like, subscribe… you know the drill.

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