WATCH: driving with a real co-driver in EA SPORTS WRC 

Ross McGregor
We tackle a Chilean stage in EA SPORST WRC, replacing the game’s two co-driver options with our very own Oasley ‘Dave Richards’ Beattie.
WATCH: driving with a real co-driver in EA SPORTS WRC 

As you likely noticed yesterday (13th October 2023), we dropped a couple of preview videos on EA and Codemasters’ upcoming EA SPORTS WRC rally game. And, as you could probably tell, we very much enjoyed the early build we played. 

To celebrate the superb gravel handling we thought it was time to add to our series of videos where we drive rally games using a real co-driver (including tackling the full Jersey eRally). 

As ever, in the driving seat sat rally licence holder John Munro, with Oasley Beattie alongside reading the notes – trying his best to avoid the fate of Timo Rautiainen. 

Taking to the fast gravel sweeps of Chile in the racy-looking Ford Puma Rally1, team Traxion attempts to set a quick stage time (while not binning it). 

Will the pair Scandi-flick their way to glory? Will Oasley call an incorrect pacenote and be slapped in the face à la Guido D’Amore? Does HR need to get involved?  

Strap yourself in to find out the answers to all these questions while enjoying over 12 minutes more of early EA SPORTS WRC footage. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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