WATCH: Dave Cam takes on Pikes Peak for the first time

It’s a double dose of Dave Cam this week! Today, Dave is taking on a new challenge which was given to him by Oasley… can Dave safely “race to the clouds” and make it up Pikes Peak in a timely and safe manor?

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is one of the most famous over in the United States, over in Colorado. It runs 12.42-miles (20-kilometers) in length and in the real world, the fastest time from the bottom to the top is 7:57.148 by Romain Dumas in a purpose-built Volkswagen I.D. R back in 2018.

Only the first DiRT Rally title from 2015 has an official Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, so that’s what Dave is loading up in today. With DiRT Rally coming off of sale recently, what better time than now to recognize and celebrate it with an insane hill climb rally.

Dave says he’s never taken on the Pikes Peak course before, as he’s not much of a rally guy. Still, Dave is always up for a challenge. Can he make it up the mountain safely, without incident or falling off?

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