WATCH: Dave Cam takes on Mt. Washington Auto Road


The newest track on the iRacing service, Mt. Washington Auto Road, has quickly become a fan favorite. The premise of the course is to climb the 7.6-mile stretch of mountainside as fast as possible. Linked with the Subaru Mt. Washington Hillclimb event dubbed the “Climb to the Clouds,” the point-to-point event dates back to 1904.

The real event is once again taking place on the historic New Hampshire mountain road this weekend (13th-15th August). With iRacing releasing the track in pre-release status, many users are taking whatever they can to the top of the mountain… or down the mountain on the descent version of the track.

Our resident iRacing track guru Dave Cam recently took his virtual Subaru WRX out of the sim garage for a trek up the trail. Dave shares his point of view from his racing cockpit and shows just how technical it is to go up at full speed.

Enjoy this wild ride from the base to the summit. Check out Dave’s other videos on the Traxion.GG channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more sim racing action.

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