WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing – Mazda MX-5 – Week 2 at Okayama

WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing - Mazda MX-5 - Week 2 at Okayama

For the second week now, Dave Cam is racing alongside his weekly iRacing track guide… for scientific purposes. On Tuesday, he taught us how to get around the Full Course at the Okayama International Circuit. Today, once again in his Traxion Global Mazda MX-5 Cup livery, Dave has a 10 lap treat for those looking for some extra credit.

Week 2 in the Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup is Okayama, and as Dave puts it, it’s pretty hard to make moves with this car in particular. This particular series is comprised of shorter races, so making up positions has to be early and often. Once again, Dave has decided to take this challenge starting in the last row.

After an early track blocker which Dave is able to avoid, the battle is on within the Top 5. One thing that the track guides won’t teach is how other drivers might race around you. In Dave’s race this week, there was a certain driver who had little patience and chose to dive bomb multiple times. Each time, Dave was able to counter. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do when they decide to push it into an oversteer and into your door.

Check out how Dave was able to do in 10 laps around the 3.703-kilometer, 2.3-mile course. Listen to how he reacts to the drivers around him. Pay attention to how he makes moves and defends others. Trust us, while it’s important to know a layout, it’s just as important to know how to race others on said layout.

Dave Cam has an extensive collection of track guides, car guides and content previews on the Traxion channel and website. Be sure to give those a watch for all of your iRacing road course needs. While you’re here, give us a like for Dave’s hard work. Also, why not subscribe and ring the bell for future content notifications? Let us know if you find Mac Evad on track in the comments!

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