WATCH: Climb Dance 2 – challenging Dave Cam

Ross McGregor
Watch as John Munro pays homage to ‘Climb Dance’ using DiRT Rally’s Peugeot 405 T16 in an attempt to beat Dave Cam’s Pikes Peak benchmark.
WATCH: Climb Dance 2 - challenging Dave Cam

Dave Cam recently tackled the infamously dangerous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on the original DiRT Rally, using the ludicrously quick Peugeot 208 T16.  

Without any practice, Dave ascended the 4,725-foot ‘Race to the Clouds’ in just over eight and a half minutes (8:34.829s, to be precise) and challenged viewers to beat his time. Naturally, our very own John Munro stepped up to the plate, being a self-confessed Pikes Peak enthusiast.  

Instead of driving the modern Peugeot 208, however, John plumped for former World Rally Champion Ari Vatanen’s historic 1988 Peugeot 405 T16 (with a suitably retro Pioneer livery).  

Vatanen’s 1988 Pikes Peak victory was the subject of the incredible ‘Climb Dance’ short film, showcasing the danger and excitement of controlling a 650bhp machine with sheer drops – and certain death – inches away. 

Can John beat Dave’s time? Will Dave appreciate John’s impersonation skills? Why do Scots pronounce Peugeot ‘Pyoo-zho’?  

Sadly, only one of these questions will be answered in this sensational homage to a cinéma vérité classic. 

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