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Watch Albon and Zhou be scanned into F1 Manager 2022

Watch Albon and Zhou be scanned into F1 Manager 2022

The real-world Formula 1 grid has been scanned to create life-life 3D models within F1 Manager 2022. A new video showcases Albon and Zhou taking part in the capturing process.

With the launch of F1 Manager 2022 now rapidly approaching, a second behind-the-scenes development video has been released – this time focussing on Williams’ Alexander Albon and Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu.

The upcoming management title created by Frontier Developments features the entire Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 grids, including reserve drivers, making for a detailed transfer market. The F1 drivers in particular are represented in a life-like form.

Alexander Albon, F1 Manager 2022 face scan

This is thanks to a scanning process that involves each driver visiting a studio with over 200 cameras taking over 400 images. This data is then used to form a 3D model, which is what the player can see, most noticeably when selecting which team to oversee and in pre and post-race scenes.

Zhou Bottas F1 Manager 2022

Pretty visuals are one thing, but the information behind the scenes is key for a managerial game of this ilk.

F1 Manager 2022 utilises a vast data pool which is said to feed into how each driver behaves on track. Historical insight is also used to determine how often red flags and safety cars occur, for example, and a driver’s previous tendencies will also be on display.

The game launches on the 30th August 2022 for PlayStation, PC and Xbox, with five-day early access for digital pre-orders. We hope to have more about the game as we near the release.

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