Vintage Porsche announced in Automobilista 2 June Dev update

Justin Melillo
Vintage Porsche announced in Automobilista 2 June Dev update

On Friday, Reiza Studios released their monthly development update post-June, recapping the successes of the prior month and outlining what’s in store for the future. One of the key points was the announcement of a new car coming out in their next release. 

The 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR will be a free add-on for all users, featuring a 3.0-litre, flat 6 engine. It’s going to sound amazing, no doubt. A force to be reckoned with in its era, the 911 will be a popular choice in the 1970’s GT racing category. 

On top of that, there are a ton of updates coming including a complimentary update due this weekend. Besides the bug extermination process that’s ongoing with any title, Reiza has developments for the Real Weather and dynamic LiveTrack, plus integral Multiplayer and system-wide support ready to go in said complimentary update. 

Down the line, Seasonal Foliage will also continue to bless tracks that don’t already have it. Hockenheim, Bathurst, Imola and Spielberg are all specifically mentioned to be getting it alongside the other premium tracks, but they’re hoping all tracks will have the feature before too long. 

There is a Traction Control revamp on the way, increased AI developments into unique characteristics per computerized driver, and the User Interface and Heads Up Display are also continuing to be tweaked for the better. Finally, Reiza is porting over a track from the original game, but they have no further information or details… what could it be?

All in all, July could see some needed and desired changes to AMS2, even as soon as this weekend. We’ll have a look at the changes that are implemented this weekend in a post next week. 

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