TrackDayR update adds dirt bikes, motocross tracks and new riding physics 

Ross McGregor
Indie developer Mad Cow has added new tracks, bikes and riding physics to its ever-improving TrackDayR motorcycle sim.
TrackDayR update adds dirt bikes, motocross tracks and new riding physics 

Indie motorbike simulator TrackDayR contimues to make impressive progress with the release of its v. build today (11th November 2022). 

From what started as an asphalt track-based sim, developer Mad Cow has branched out into off-road riding in recent times, adding more dirt bike disciplines while continuously tweaking both bike and rider physics along the way. 

Today’s update follows a similar pattern, with several off-road riding physics improvements including uprated suspension systems, a new dirt tyre model, new rider movements and animations and the ability to perform mid-air tricks such as whips and backflips. 

The update also adds a new track with three layouts and updates the Hurricane Mills circuit using real-world data. In terms of motorcycles, two motocross bikes have also been added and come with all-new sound design. 

TrackDayR, Antelope Valley, MX250
Extreme lean angle on the MX250

Antelope Valley MX 

Antelope Valley, or AV Motoplex as it was known, is a former motocross venue in Lancaster, California that closed its doors in 2015. Featuring three layouts, the circuit consists mainly of loose dirt with a host of small jumps interspersed with rideable tabletops and berms. 

TrackDayR has three configurations for Antelope Valley MX: Main, Vet and Mini. Mini, or the Peewee layout as it was known, was more suited to young riders, while the Vet and Main courses are longer and have bigger jumps and berms to contend with. 

Located in a relatively flat area of the Golden State, AV Motoplex was completely razed to the ground and replaced by several self-storage facilities. Shame.  

TrackDayR, Antelope Valley, MX250
Antelope Valley is fairly featureless – it’s a man-made motocross track after all

MX125 2 Stroke and MX250 4 Stroke motorcycles 

The MX125 and MX250 are two of TrackDayR’s new and unbranded motocross bikes. 125cc motocross bikes generally aren’t used for top-class motocross competition, instead providing the ideal starting point for adults new to the sport. They are, however, an excellent step up for young riders eager to move on from 50cc/85cc categories. 

The MX250 bike simulates the kind of motorcycle used in the MX2 class of the FIM Motocross World Championship or the 250cc Motocross Class in the AMA Motocross Championship, bridging the gap between the 450cc and 125cc bikes in-game. 

Have you tried TrackDayR’s new update? What do you make of its progress in recent times? Let us know in the comments below. 

TrackDayR, Antelope Valley, MX250
Did I land this jump on the MX250? I think we all know the answer to that…

TrackDayR v. changelog: 


  • Antelope Valley MX MAIN 
  • Antelope Valley MX Vet 
  • Antelope Valley MX Mini 
  • NEW Hurricane MX Based on real word data 


  • MX125 2 Stroke 
  • MX250 4 Stroke 


  • New in air system for whips, scrubs and backflips 
  • New Center of mass calculation system for Rider/Bike 
  • Improved Suspension System 
  • Improved Dirt Tyre Model 
  • New rider movements 
  • New possibility to enable/disable helps 
  • New manual clutch system. Traxion. 
  • New strength system for the handlebar 
  • Rewrote and optimized Erosion system 
  • Improved Physics Model for the dirt bikes 
  • New dirt animations 
  • New Dab animation 
  • New sounds for MX250 4 Stroke and MX125 2 Strokes 
  • Improved in air management with throttle and rear brake 
  • Improved dirtbike position with foot who can keep surface position 
  • New vertical and lateral Aerodynamic system 
  • [*] LOT OF MINOR FIXES – sincerely we have lost count of them
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