TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

Ross McGregor
Italian developer Mad Cow has released a sizeable update to its hardcore bike sim TrackDayR, adding new tracks, sounds and physics.
TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

Italian developer Mad Cow released another update to its diverse motorcycle simulator TrackDayR yesterday (2nd October 2022), adding several new tracks, a new bike and a host of other physics and graphical improvements. 

The headline additions to version of the sim are its new tracks. Although Cremona Circuit is an existing venue in TrackDayR, it has received a new layout. The game also gains two real-world tarmac tracks in the form of Adria International Raceway and Lombardia Circuit.  

As well as these, two motocross-focused venues have been added, including two American motocross tracks: Hurricane Mills and RedBud MX (Michigan Motocross). 

Hurricane Mills Motocross – Loretta Lynn MX 

Located in the grounds of country music star Loretta Lynn’s ranch (yes, you read that correctly), Hurricane Mills is home to the biggest amateur motocross race in the world – Loretta Lynn’s Live AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.

Its addition to TrackDayR seems like the perfect marriage, then, with its rolling jumps and wide bermed corners playing host to a festival-like atmosphere. 

The event has been running since 1982 and past winners include the likes of Travis Pastrana and Jeremy McGrath. When not spectating, visitors can take in the on-site restaurant, museum, mansion and recording studio. Naturally.

TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

Adria International Raceway 

TrackDayR already features the Adria Kart circuit but can now boast the full-length version of its main track too. In 2021, the track was extended to 2.3 miles to enable hosting of the WTCR series but has sadly closed its doors due to financial pressures. 

Although not a huge favourite among drivers, owing to its tight and twisty nature, Adria has hosted large-scale motorsport series such as the DTM, the FIA GT Championship and Formula 3. And now it can play host to your failed wheelie attempts in TrackDayR.

Michigan MX 

Another bespoke motocross circuit, Michigan MX features authentic motocross jumps where line choice is crucial. Based on the RedBud MX track in Buchanan, Michigan, RedBud is a rider’s favourite.

Self-proclaimed as ‘America’s Motocross Track’, RedBud was home to the 2022 Motocross of Nations – an unofficial World Cup of motocross, and regularly hosts both amateur and professional motocross events. 

TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

Lombardia Circuit 

Pitched as an all-tarmac tarmac supermoto track, Lombardia has several switchback turns condensed into a small area, making it a technical, yet fun, challenge. 

New Supermoto bike 

A new supermoto style bike has been added to TrackDayR’s virtual garage, albeit available with just a single ‘foot riding’ style for the moment. 

Night riding 

The developer has also implemented night-time states for some circuits (including Adria), meaning players can re-enact round-the-clock motorcycle endurance events in-game.  

Some tracks still do not have this feature, however, including the Michigan MX circuit, so expect to see some strange graphical effects if selecting an incompatible venue. 

TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

New sounds 

Mad Cow has got round to adding more authentic motorcycle exhaust notes to TrackDayR, basing the Dirtbike 4t, Dirtbike and Supermoto 4t on real bike sounds. More genuine samples are planned for future updates but are restricted to these three classes for the moment. 

Dirty riders 

The way mud builds up on riders’ leathers, helmets and bikes has seen a lot of work recently, with dirt realistically spraying itself over man and machine over time, thanks to new shaders. 


The Pro Mode, introduced in TrackDayR’s June update, enables players to control their rider’s body movement independently of the handlebars. This has been reworked slightly, helping improve the drivability of the bikes. 

Tyre deformation has also been addressed, with tyres looking suitably squashed under load. The helmet cam has also had some attention, and behaves much more realistically – and less glitchy – than before. 

Have you sampled TrackDayR’s latest build? What do you think of the new tracks and graphics updates? Let us know in the comments below. 

TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds

TrackDayR Build changelog

  • New Center of mass calculation system 
  • Improved Suspension System 
  • Improved Dirt Tyre Model 
  • New Rider Weight manual Front and Rear – this will change the center of mass of the bike depending on rider seat position (remember to set up keybinding on controls options) 
  • New Tyre Deformation System 
  • New GPU instancing shaders 
  • New Helmetcam – Much stable and immersive than before 
  • Improved Physics Model for the dirt bikes 
  • New in air control physics system for whips and scrubs 
  • New Shader with dirt and mud layers for bikes 
  • New Shader with dirt and mud layers for helmets 
  • New Shader with dirt and mud layers for tyres 
  • New sounds for Dirtbike 4t, dirtbike and Supermoto 4t 
  • Improved Wheeling Managment 
  • Improved in air management with throttle and rear brake 
  • Improved dirtbike position with foot who can keep surface position 
  • New vertical and lateral Aerodynamic system 
  • LOT OF MINOR FIXES – sincerely we have lost count of them 😛 

New Tracks 

  • Adria International Raceway 
  • Cremona Circuit with the new layout 
  • Lombardia Circuit 
  • Michigan MX 
  • Hurricane MX 
  • All the old circuits have been updated and optimised to the new Unity3D frameworks version 

New bike 

  • New supermoto model (only with foot riding style at the moment) 
TrackDayR update adds new tracks and realistic bike sounds
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