‘The Sim Racer’ movie trailer released; full feature expected in 2022

Justin Melillo
'The Sim Racer' trailer released; full feature expected in 2022

Stemming from the sim racing boom during the Covid-19 shutdown, a new feature film is slated to release in 2022, titled The Sim Racer. The team behind the film at Chrome Horn Media released a 95-second trailer on Tuesday promoting a fictional story about an indebted sim racer named Luke Wallace, portrayed by Roman Boylen. Wallace owes money to the bank, so he enters a sim race with a $20,000 purse looking to save his home from collections.

In the trailer, iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations is utilized for the sim racing portions. Footage of the iRacing Super Late Model and the 1987 NASCAR stock cars are shown, and USA International Speedway is at least one of the tracks where the action was captured. The main character uses a VR headset and in the same shot, looks to be a fan of NASCAR driver Mark Martin with all of the famous No. 6 die-casts hung on the wall in the background.

'The Sim Racer' trailer released; full feature expected in 2022

Director Brock Drury took inspiration from the eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series broadcasts on FOX Sports 1 to put together the upcoming feature. “There was a lot of work put into writing and making this movie, Drury said. “The sim racing community has high expectations for this, and I think they will like it and be proud. I’ve been sim racing for over 15 years so that makes it a lot easier compared to someone coming in from the outside who is uneducated about sim racing.”

Boylen doesn’t come from the same sim racing background, but appreciates the role he’s been tasked with. “Sim Racing was very new to me,” Boylen said. “I was interested in taking the role because I love to challenge myself with my characters. I knew this movie was very special and had a great opportunity to bring Sim Racing into the light it deserves. During my research I realized this sport is not to be taken lightly as they are true athletes with strong talents.”

Besides Boylen, the film will also feature the talents of Chris Wolfe, Scott Oakley, Eli Jo, Bradley Harrelson, Rebecca Clendaniel and Josh Rouse. It looks like it will be a bit of a drama mixed with some romance. There hasn’t been a film that’s been specifically about sim racing before, so this is quite interesting. Drury says while the movie is aimed at sim racers, it will also be a film that all can enjoy.

The whole trailer kind of gives me some Days of Thunder vibes with the logo and color scheme going on. As a stock car oval racing fan who spends way too much time on iRacing, I’m pretty interested to see how this turns out. We’ll keep you up to date on more as it becomes available. Check out the trailer below and keep it pinned here at Traxion.

Image thanks to The Sim Racer

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