Showcase Sale – The best racing game discounts on Epic Store

Following on from our article on the best racing game discounts for your PC in Steam’s lunar sale, we’re bringing you the that we can find on Epic’s equivalent discount period.

The Showcase Sale kicks off at exactly the same time as the Steam sale. Whilst there’s not quite the same volume of racing game or sim racing titles available, there are still some treasures to be found.


WRC9 is widely considered to be developer Kylotonn’s best World Rally Championship game yet

WRC9, the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship is the first sale game to grab our attention. French developers Kylotonn made a huge leap in the game’s quality for 2020, with the handling feeling better than ever. It’s on sale for 30% off – £27.99 for the base game or £34.99 for the deluxe edition. Unfortunately, none of the DLC add-ons are reduced but that doesn’t mean you should overlook this deal.

MudRunner and SnowRunner

Brrr… it sure is cold out here

From one off-road experience to another, Saber Interactive products are also on discount. The critically acclaimed Mudrunner is available with a gigantic 80% off at £3.99 (I’ve had more expensive coffees.) You’ll also find DLC at a reduced price, with 75% off the American Wilds Edition and 50% off the American Wilds Expansion. If you prefer your landscapes to be a bit colder and ever so slightly less muddy then the more modern Saber Interactive game – SnowRunner is 40% off at £20.99 for the base game and 33% off at £35.50 for the Premium edition. Click here for the link to MudRunner and click here for the link to SnowRunner.

Dangerous Driving
Arcade? Yes. Some stupid fun? Mostly.

Dangerous Driving comes to you from the creators of the Burnout franchise. Whilst it isn’t the most revered game of all time perhaps a 70% discount can tempt you to part with your hard-earned cash. The game costs £7.19 in British Pounds, which is probably about $7.19 or €7.19 but you should check your local store for the exact figure. Click here to get your hands on it.


If you haven’t already got enough off-road games, check out Overpass on the Epic Store

There are, on reflection, a lot of off-road racing games on the Epic Store. Overpass features buggies and quads through off-road environments. You’ll be dealing with vehicle damage whilst navigating tricky and technical terrains. The game is now 50% off for both the base game (£15.99) and deluxe edition (£19.99). Unfortunately the DLC add-ons are full price but you can click here to see the store page for yourself.

Wheels of Aurelia

Fancy a trip down the Italian Riviera?

Okay, this one might be a bit “out there” for this site. But, the Wheels of Aurelia does, in fact, include cars and the occasional opportunity to race. It’s very much an indie experience so if that’s something you’re up for then it’s very reasonably priced at £1.07 (85% off). Click here to find it in the Epic Games Store.

What did you think about the Epic Games Store Showcase Sale? Pick up anything? As always, stay in touch and let us know on social media.

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