The second generation BMW M2 is now within CSR Racing 2

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The latest G87 BMW M2 has made its virtual debut within free-to-play drag racing title CSR Racing 2.

Mobile drag-racing title CSR Racing 2 now has a brand new BMW – the latest M2.

The compact rear-wheel-drive sports car, code name G87 fact-fans, features a stubby profile, boxy bumpers and a straight-six 3.0-litre engine producing 460hp.

BMW M2 2022

Its appearance in the free-to-play driving title by NaturalMotionGames, for iOS and Android, marks its first virtual inclusion within any game. It will sit alongside several other Bavarian models, including the current G81 M3 Touring Competition and M5 CS.

CSR Racing 2 sees you timing revs, shifts and nitrous deployments to beat another drive in a straight-line race. You join, and take on, fictional in-game crews, purchase cars and tune vehicles. Earlier this year, the American Road Trip 2 added 10 new cars and several new challenges.

After launching the game today, 27th October, a new update will add the fresh M2 to the dealership, alongside the existing previous generation M2 Competition. The same update is also anticipated to add a new Race Pass, details of which are due imminently.

The BMW Esports social media account called the game a ‘hyper-realistic driving simulator’. Sure, I’m also called Harry Styles…

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